Omegle Like Random Chat Site - Text Talk to Strangers App


Hi there and welcome to the random text chat page of, a site dedicated to being the most awesome Omegle alternative random chat site on the internet! On this section of our website, you can meet unlimited new strangers without leaving or reloading the page. Our text chat is the best one available in this industry, because we've added all the best features just for your enjoyment. Some of these features include the ability to send images, mobile apps, and smilies! Sound good to you? Well then stop reading this and get started!

Okay, it looks like you decided to keep reading. So basically, we wanted to be the best out of all the sites like Omegle on the market. The only way we thought we could to that is by adding the important extra feature that everyone needs during a chat session. This super extremely important feature is the ability to upload and share images! How often do you meet someone new online and they want to see what you look like? If I had to guess, I would say EVERY single new person you meet wants to know what you look like, that's just the way it is. So, you want to then go ahead and show that stranger a picture from your camera roll, and with our awesome service you can, yay!

The other good thing about our text chat pic sharing feature is that once you upload an image from your phone or computer, you can re-use that same picture over and over in new chat sesions with new other people. The picture will stay available for the duration of your visit to our website, and then once you leave it will be removed! This way you maintain your privacy with your images, but still get to use them all you want in your conversations as you talk to strangers, it's a win-win scenario!

Anyway, other than the pics feature we also have mobile apps for you to download and stranger chat with. Most people prefer apps these days over mobile web browsers, so we wanted to make sure we had them available for you if you want them. And, let's be honest, apps really are a lot better than browsers, because mobile browsers can be slow and annoying as you try to use them. So yea, that's what we did, and the end result is we have built an awesome array of options for you to use to obtain the best online chat room experience possible. Enjoy!